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People actually trying to understand the Kosovo war should look in the ICTY transcripts. They are transcripts from the warcrime trials of former Yugoslavia. But you better sit down before reading it because what is in there is shocking.

Let me point you to some interesting transcripts.
Intercepted telephone call between US Secretary of State Madeleine Albright and terrorist leader Hashim Thaci. Quote from the transcript, Page 33771, line 21-13: “Ms. Albright advised Hashim Thaci to agree to the introduction of NATO troops to Kosovo, and in response she would guarantee the conduct of a referendum for Kosovo’s independence.”

The previous day
Page 33704

Q. What do you know about the link between the KLA and NATO?

A. I know about such links. They existed on the official level when representatives of NATO officially received representatives of this separatist movement and had contacts with KLA leaders. There were also informal secret meetings that took place with the mediation of NATO special services. With the development of the Verification Mission, Mr. Walker, too, immediately met with —

JUDGE ROBINSON: Could you tell us a little more about the meetings that you said took place between the representatives of NATO and the KLA leaders. When was this and where?

THE WITNESS: [Interpretation] Most of these meetings took place after the establishment of the Verification Mission. Our representatives to the Verification Mission reported about the contacts of Mr. Walker, starting with October until January, as well as the meetings of representatives of NATO member countries to the Verification Mission. And we received information that in that period intelligence operations were carried out in the territory of the province involving jointly the representatives of NATO and representatives of the KLA. They passed on information about the location of police posts, army deployment, and military facilities in the province, and our people also reported to us about the establishment of special radio transmission devices by NATO.

JUDGE ROBINSON: What date? Do you know the date?

THE WITNESS: [Interpretation] This happened from the summer of 1998 up until the beginning of the aggression against the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. The most frequent meetings took place in the period from January to March. We also know that Mrs. Albright passed on to Hashim Thaci this piece of information; namely, if the KLA agrees to the deployment in Kosovo of NATO troops, then she would guarantee to them the implementation of a referendum. I met with Mr. Walker and also raised this issue. I asked him why he was meeting so often with KLA representatives, naming names, while not meeting with the representatives of Serbian authorities and Serbian law enforcement authorities.

JUDGE ROBINSON: So the meetings between NATO officials and the KLA were taking place before the airstrikes?

THE WITNESS: [Interpretation] Yes. Yes, I can confirm that, Your Honour.

Here is Mr Rhyzkov summarizing Russias view of the events 1998, just before the NATO aggression began. Around Page 33595.

A. “The preparation for the forced actions of NATO against Yugoslavia was already transferred into the practical dimension. Quite blasphemous were the explanations by the leadership of the United States of America and NATO that the missile and bomb strikes against Serbia were being prepared for the alleged solution of the humanitarian problems.”

This was the position of the parliament of our country, and once again, I would like to outline that this was prior to the aggression. Our next statement was on the 17th of February, 1999, also prior to those events. I would like to quote as well a few sentences.

“It is not precluded that under certain pretexts the military forces of NATO could be used against the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia.”

The parliament adopted the following: “It is inadmissible that the Kosovo settlement should be done by missile and bomb strikes against the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia and the introduction of armed forces of NATO into the territory of the former Yugoslavia on the basis of the unilateral decision of the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation.”

And also a few days prior to the 24th of March, 1999, our parliament adopted an address to the parliaments of the states members of the United Nations organisation in light of the elaboration of a new strategic concept of the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation or NATO. I quote:

“The North Atlantic Treaty Organisation intends to undertake the rights to carry out military operations without the sanction of the Security Council the United Nations organisation –“

JUDGE ROBINSON: Mr. Ryzhkov. Mr. Ryzhkov, you’re being asked to slow down, to read a little more slowly.

THE ACCUSED: [Interpretation] “As is known, the charter of the United Nations organisation obliges Member States of the United Nations organisations to refrain from the use of force or the threat of the use of force. Another quite alerting aspect is the intention of NATO to expand the so-called area of its responsibility. By inclusion into it, the territories outside of Europe from where, according to the NATO states, they can be threatened. This allows them to use force against any state or group of states. And the recent missile and bomb strikes against the territories of Afghanistan, Sudan, and others, and also the former Yugoslavia, are an explicit example of such doctrine of the expansion of the NATO sphere of activities.”

This just goes on and on for thousands of pages stuffed with evidence of NATO warcrimes. NATO told Thaci, through Albright, to start the uprising. He did what he was told and thousands of people died. The evidence is just overwhelming. NATO also provided Thacis guerilla with weapons and military training. The evidence is right there, it’s in the transcripts!


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